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Was ist SafePlan?

SafePlan is secure offsite backup of business critical data for professionals.


All data stays in Austria within the secure SafePlan managed network environment compliant with Austrian and European data protection standards.


No unencrypted data ever leaves your office with SafePlan.


Nobody but you has access to your data in SafePlan.


SafePlan provides a complete, daily, tamperproof snapshot of your data for up to 30 years - a potentially invaluable data audit trail.


SafePlan provides you with both onsite and offsite backup copies of your data.


Safeplan monitors the status of your backup 24/7 and keeps you informed about the status of your data backups.


SafePlan does all this without requiring any IT skills on your side.


SafePlan is peace of mind for you and your business!

What SafePlan does for you?

SafePlan provides effective help in preventing accidental or malicious loss of, or damage to your business-critical data.

SafePlan provides a complete history of changes to your business-critical data (what changed and when) for up to 30 years.

And in the unlikely event of disaster (IT system loss, fire, flooding), SafePlan provides you access to your business critical data so you can recover and keep on working.

How does SafePlan work?

SafePlan provides you with a SafePlan backup appliance in your office and guarantees that the contents of that SafePlan appliance will be securely archived over an encrypted network connection to our SafePlan data-center in Vienna. A SafePlan technician will deliver the appliance to your office and and help you to configure each of your PCs and servers to integrate them into the SafePlan backup. From that point on, your business critical data is protected.

What do I need to use SafePlan?

All you need is an internet connection with sufficient capacity to backup daily changes to your data (your current internet connection should be sufficient, since SafePlan will usually only need your network during the night). When you order SafePlan, a SafePlan technician will take care of all the details for you.

Customized to meet your needs.

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Additional services available from SafePlan


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Safeplan consultants can help you create and maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business.

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Safeplan consultants can assist with special projects such as providing controlled access to data for partners who are leaving a practice.

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Safeplan consultants can advise you on compliance with GDPR/DSGVO 2018 data protection standards.

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Safeplan support staff are available onsite when you need them.


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